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Learn about ABBYY’s online eLearning training and certification including on-demand courses and role-based learning plans for business users, developers, and administrators, all designed to self-enable yourself.

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ID Document Processing with ABBYY Vantage 2.2

The latest release of ABBYY Vantage introduces a new ID reading skill that supports classifying and extracting data from over 10,000 different document types in over 240 countries.

Handwritten Document Processing with ABBYY Vantage 2.2

ABBYY Vantage can now process handwritten text from forms and documents, giving companies the power to truly automate 100% of the data extraction.

Kick-start your automation in the ABBYY Marketplace

How to Use the ABBYY Marketplace

Get a quick overview of the ABBYY Marketplace and learn how to search for skills and technology assets from ABBYY and the ABBYY partner community to kick-start your projects.

Processing the IRS W-2 Tax Form

Using AI-powered skills, it detects all fields on
W-2 forms and extracts relevant data (employer name and address, EIN, employee name and address, SSN, wages, taxes, etc.) for further use within your systems.

Purchase Order Automation

Using AI-powered skills, it can easily classify, extract, and integrate PO data into supporting business processes for faster billing and remittance.

Processing Insurance Loss Run Reports

This skill for ABBYY Vantage can be used to automate the processing of loss run reports. It extracts summary information about policy claims history, as well as details about the types of claims filed, the frequency of past claims, description, location, status, and related costs.

Processing Receipts

The Receipt Skill extracts key data points from receipts for a variety of expense types such as general retail, restaurant, car parking, transport tickets, etc.

Getting started

Processing Your First Documents with Vantage

Learn how easy it is to get started with Vantage – upload your documents and Vantage will take care of the rest.

How to Import Documents from Email

This video demonstrates how to import documents from email, review the processing results, and export extracted data to the shared folder.

How to Create and Train a Classification Skill in ABBYY Vantage

Learn how to use the Vantage Skill Designer to train a new Classification Skill. You need just a few samples of each document class.

How to Automate a Complete Workflow by Creating a Vantage Process Skill

Use the Vantage Skill Designer to automate workflows from input to output by creating a Process Skill.

How to Edit a Document Skill

Learn how to adapt already existing skills to your specific documents and business requirements.

How to Verify Documents in the Review Client

Learn how a manual reviewer can verify or correct extracted data as a human-in-the-loop, using the manual review client of ABBYY Vantage.

Advanced Designer document processing

How to Import Fields from FlexiLayout Studio Project

In this demo, we will use a FlexiLayout previously created in ABBYY FlexiLayout Studio to extract specific data with Vantage Advanced Designer Extraction Rules activity.

How to Use the NER Activity in Vantage Advanced Designer

This video demonstrates how to use the NER activity in Vantage Advanced Designer to facilitate an anonymization requirement.

How to Locate Data on a Document Using Regular Expressions

This video shows how to use regular expressions within a character string element to locate and capture formatted data, no matter where it occurs on your document.

Connecting to automation systems

How to Activate Vantage Skill in UiPath

See how to integrate Vantage skills within a UiPath robot directly from within the UiPath Studio.

How to Activate Vantage Skill in Blue Prism

Experience how quick and easy it is to integrate Vantage skills directly from within the Blue Prism Studio.

How to Activate Vantage Skill in Alteryx

Easily integrate Vantage skills into your process automation within the Alteryx platform.

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