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Analytic Automation and Process Intelligence – Two Sides of the Same Coin


Connecting data, processes and people:

Alteryx ABBYY Webinar

Harnessing data to describe, analyze, and automate your processes unlocks a wealth of information. Illuminating paths to better customer experiences, new operational efficiencies and employee productivity. By combining Process Intelligence and Analytic Process Automation, you can more easily discover, understand, and manage process execution effectively.

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Liberate your business operations from tedious, manual, and unproductive tasks by having the ability to easily visualize your end-to-end processes and have the insights and capability to optimize and automate day-to-day operations.

With Process Intelligence and Analytic Process Automation, you can shift:

  • From tedious, manual process discovery to auto-discovery - empowering your business users to analyze multiple processes within your business by delivering a digital process model that drives quick wins and fast ROI.
  • From data modeling and visualization to predictive and prescriptive analytics - determining the best course of action given the available data, emphasizing actionable insights rather than merely data monitoring.
  • From specialist-dependent analysis to self-service insights - giving non-technical teams the ability to quickly build powerful analysis with simple drag-and-drop building blocks. Upskill and enable citizen users, especially those with a deep understanding of the business, to operationalize AI and machine learning to drive business outcomes.
  • From inefficient to optimized processes - proactively monitor the performance of data-driven processes, process deviations, and predict process behavior to suggest steps to remediate process bottlenecks.

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