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Data Driven Automation Decisions with Process and Task Mining



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Ryan Raiker

Sr. Director of Product Marketing, ABBYY Timeline, ABBYY

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Richard Davis

Partner - Management Consulting / Strategic Finance & Operations Transformation, RSM

Automation without proper planning can’t succeed.

With process and task mining, you can discover the truth about your process performance, so you know with certainty what’s working and what’s not.  Then you can use that knowledge to automate the right things.

Check out this session to learn:

  • How process mining helps process owners discover the true cost, flow, and timing of their core business processes
  • How task mining brings visibility to previously dark events on the user’s desktop 
  • How monitoring and alerting ensures SLAs and process goals are met

Stop throwing automation at the wall and hoping something will stick. Make data-driven decisions about your automation investments to ensure your success.

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