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104 Neilward Dutton 198X198
104 Neilward Dutton 198X198

Neil Ward-Dutton

VP, AI and Intelligent Process Automation European Practices at IDC


The market for IPA is growing. It improves businesses and allows your employees to focus on more rewarding work. Plus, it increases flexibility and drives better business outcomes. The tricky part is not being blinded by the possible benefits. When technology offers so much, you need to narrow your focus. You must figure out where IPA can best help your business.

In this webinar, IDC’s Neil Ward Dutton walks you through IPA. This includes the past, present, and future of the technology. He also shows the results of a new IDC Intelligent Automation survey. Check it out now to learn where you stand with the IPA opportunity. Plus, get recommendations on how to maximize ROI with Intelligent Document Processing and Process Mining.

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