Driving Next Generation Intelligent Automation with ABBYY and Blue Prism

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Neilmurphy 198X198
Neilmurphy 198X198

Neil Murphy

VP Global Business Development, ABBYY

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24 Maximevermeir 198X198

Maxime Vermeir

Dir. Customer Innovation, ABBYY


No matter where your organization is on its automation journey, you’ll want to catch this critical session to learn how the newest advanced technologies can elevate automation efforts to new heights alongside Blue Prism.

See through an example journey ABBYY’s next generation offerings in play and find out how:

  • To quickly identify process candidates with greatest return
  • It just got easy to understand unstructured content
  • To auto generate Blue Prism digital workers

Plus, see for yourself how ‘democratization’ has become a reality, and how easy setup and configuration can put to rest concerns about in-house expertise requirements and mediocre adoption.

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