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Achieve Resilience: Embedding Process Intelligence in Your Supply Chain Blueprint



33 Marksingh 198X198
33 Marksingh 198X198

Mark Singh

Intelligent Supply Chain Evangelist and Co-Founder, Kaptura

29 Alanpelz Sharpe 198X198
29 Alanpelz Sharpe 198X198

Alan Pelz-Sharpe

Founder, Deep Analysis

20 Andrewpery 198X198
20 Andrewpery 198X198

Andrew Pery

Digital Intelligence Consultant, ABBYY

31 Steveschrader 198X198
31 Steveschrader 198X198

Steve Schrader

Process Intelligence Expert, ABBYY

In our inter-dependent global economic environment; anticipating unexpected risks is built into the DNA of every organization.

However, nothing could have prepared us for the pervasive impact of current events. A survey by the Institute of Supply Management shows 75% of companies are reporting significant supply chain disruptions: unprecedented in our modern times. In response, a PwC survey found that 64% of companies plan to quickly accelerate automation, and new ways of working.

Our recent crisis has process and automation efforts rapidly moving forward to secure an unwavering future, while mitigating impacts of market disruptions, assuring supply chains are optimized for tomorrow; making transformation more important now, than ever.

Learn from our Experts for Best Practices and Technologies to Help Design an Agile Supply Chain

Including how to:

  • Visualize, analyze, monitor and identify supply chain process bottlenecks and inefficiencies for critical business decisions
  • Uncover blind spots in shipment tracking, transport, and control of goods from manufacturing, to warehouse, to dock
  • Eliminate labor intensive, error prone processes associated with supply chain documentation through Machine Learning and AI based content intelligence applications
  • Win through innovative technologies to transform your operations with process intelligence and automation

Experts lead this interactive discussion and demonstration about how you can accelerate your Supply Chain transformation, from Manufacturing to Warehouse to Dock, as the pandemic further paves the path for supply chains to go digital.

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