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Overcome Organisational Silos, Leverage Internal Data and Promote a Data-Driven Underwriting Culture



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Marisa Murton

Moderator, Founder, Data Strategy as a Service

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Eileenpotter 198X198

Eileen Potter

Solution Marketing Manager, Insurance, ABBYY

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Matthew Norris

Head of Digital Distribution UK and Europe, Beazley

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Gareth Hemming

Chief Distribution Officer at UK General Insurance, Aviva

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James Russell

Co-Founder & CEO, Brisk

Watch this panel session from Intelligent Insurer’s Underwriting Innovation Europe virtual conference 2021, to learn more about how to:

  • Formulate and correlate financial data, client data and risk data effectively across the business, overcoming antiquated systems and a lack of consensus between departments to foster a data-driven culture
  • Leverage granular data and build in-house models to make better decisions for insuring perils. Establish underwriting protocol, ensure consistency, and ultimately drive underwriting profitability
  • Marry interpersonal skills with the latest understanding of statistics, analytics and emerging technologies—such as AI/ML, blockchain and the internet of things (IoT)—to usher in a new era of tech-savvy underwriters who are confident building models and integrating vast quantities of data
  • Discuss the converging role of the actuary and underwriter: As actuaries have greater control over pricing, what impact does this have on innovation? How can actuaries, data scientists and underwriters working more effectively together to make better pricing and risk decisions?
  • Feed claims data back into underwriting in a robust and standardised way to enable a better view of risk, as well as more accurate pricing and reserving.
  • How insurers and brokers can grasp a better understanding of their internal processes and how to analyse where digitisation and automation can provide additional benefits.

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