A Guide to Achieving Process Excellence during COVID and Beyond

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New Techniques in Process Improvement

Pen and paper-based value stream mapping (VSM) is the established tool for recording processes, identifying waste, and deriving recommendations for action. However, its application in the healthcare industry today requires a high level of effort and is challenging due to process complexity, variations, and siloed information. Compounding the problem, COVID-19 has made it extremely difficult for process improvement specialists to conduct in-person assessments and Kaizen events.

Learning Points:

  • A brief history on how Prof. dr. ir. Wil van der Aalst invented Process Mining
  • How to use data from your EHR, ERP, and other systems to automatically map current-state processes
  • Conducting rapid Digital Assessments of your processes within hours to identify improvement opportunities and root causes
  • Building business cases for identified improvement opportunities with evidence-based ROI that can be measured by time and cost savings
  • Tracking compliance with improvement initiatives post-implementation

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