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How Automation CoEs are Realizing Value with Data Driven Process Optimization


The vast majority of process execution today is tracked, managed, and performed through any number of IT systems of record.

Webinar on demand: How Automation CoEs are Realizing Value with Data Driven Process Optimization

That means that organizations already hold a wealth of data about every aspect of their process execution; but are they driving value from it?

When properly ingested, merged, and analyzed, this wealth of data can be used to discover patterns and insights that illuminate paths to better customer experiences and new operational efficiencies.

Organizations often struggle with where to start automation projects and how to quantify the value of an RPA project. ABBYY's Process Intelligence platform delivers that end-to-end system view that provides insight into sources of friction and where the greatest impact of automation resides. By applying advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning, you can predict and forecast processes into the future, while optimizing business operations through real-time monitoring.

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This session outlines how pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is using ABBYY’s Process Intelligence platform and a proven methodology to build a roadmap for rapid automation across their enterprise utilizing Blue Prism Digital Workers:

  • Create a blueprint to drive rapid automation across the enterprise
  • Pay for automation with evidenced-base ROI
  • Ensure digital workers are operating as expected and providing monitoring and alerts
  • Build an automation experience design culture
  • Bring business users into the automation journey
  • Use Process Intelligence to drive sustainable competitive advantages

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