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Max Out Your IDP with Process Discovery, Analysis, and Simulation

February 24, 2023 | English


Bruce Orcutt 198X198
Bruce Orcutt 198X198

Bruce Orcutt

SeniorVice President of Product Marketing, ABBYY

Alex Dibeler 198X198
Alex Dibeler 198X198

Alex Dibeler

Senior Sales Engineer, ABBYY

Add Process Intelligence to Your IDP for Maximum Insight

In its most recent ISG Provider Lens™ for Process Discovery and Mining, research and advisory firm ISG ranked ABBYY as a leader, stating that “ABBYY Timeline includes powerful process and task-mining technologies based on the latest improvements and developments in AI.”

Those powerful technologies for process discovery, analysis, simulation, and monitoring are helping enterprises make great strides at improving their process outcomes for customer/user experience, revenue growth, and operational effectiveness. And with the new and improved release of ABBYY Timeline, the possibilities are even greater.

Learn about the new capabilities of ABBYY Timeline 6.0:

  • Process Simulation - for assessing the effectiveness of optimization decisions before going live, saving time and money
  • Redesigned, user-friendly interface that eases process analysis
  • Integration to ABBYY’s Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) platform, Vantage, for greater monitoring and optimization of document-centric processes

You’ll also get to see Timeline 6.0 in action by way of a demo. Hear how the latest process and task mining capabilities are transforming operations and dramatically improving business outcomes

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