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Next Gen Intelligent Document Processing Delivers a Better Way to Process Documents

December 19, 2022 | English


Wbr Billgalusha
Wbr Billgalusha

Bill Galusha

Vice President IDP Product Marketing, ABBYY

Wbr Maximevermeir
Wbr Maximevermeir

Maxime Vermeir

Sr Director - Product Ecosystem and Engagement, ABBYY

Webinar highlights

  • See the new capabilities of ABBYY Vantage 2.3, a recognized leading IDP platform by Everest Group, ISG and Quadrant Solutions.
  • Learn about a new set of pre-trained document skills and improved skill models for all our most common document types – finance, tax forms, logistics, photo IDs, and more.
  • See how ABBYY’s core document processing technology meets customer document processing challenges head on – complex tables, printed and handwritten text, poor quality images, auto-splitting of documents, and more.
  • Dive deep into use cases and business outcomes now achievable with the latest ABBYY IDP release.


  • Top 5 Benefits of Vantage 2.3
    Learn about the new IDP capabilities and benefits you can achieve with the latest ABBYY Vantage release.

  • Customer Proof
    Hear about the latest success enterprises are having with Vantage, and how quickly they’ve been able to implement.

  • How it works
    Integrated solution showing ABBYY Vantage, a no code IDP platform, connecting into bots and workflow processes from Blue Prism, UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Pegasystems, Microsoft Power Automate, Pipefy, and more.

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