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Optimising Processes to Welcome Financial Services into 2022 and Beyond



Cheryl Chiodi
Cheryl Chiodi

Cheryl Chiodi

Solution Marketing Manager, Financial Services, ABBYY

88 Aurelielhostis 198X198
88 Aurelielhostis 198X198

Aurelie L'Hostis

Senior Analyst, Forrester


The challenges of the recent global crisis have exposed the fact that the events and trends in financial services move fast. Financial institutions need the velocity necessary to keep up and meet the needs of their customers by creating the differentiated experiences they demand. In a world where things can change with little or no warning, speed matters.

What you will learn

In this webinar, ABBYY's financial services expert Cheryl Chiodi and guest speaker Aurelie L'Hostis, Senior Analyst from Forrester, will cover:

  • How financial institutions are investing in digital intelligence/automation with proven results
  • How you can innovate without adding cost or complexity to your processes
  • Ways of leveraging technology and partnerships to expedite process automation to become more agile and improve CX
  • How to discover, analyse and predict outcomes with actionable process insights

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