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Reimagining Accounts Payable Operations with Intelligent Automation

June 01, 2023 | English


Andrew Pery 125X125
Andrew Pery 125X125

Andrew Pery

Product Marketing, Finance & Accounting, ABBYY

Gaurang Pagdi 125X125
Gaurang Pagdi 125X125

Gaurang Pagdi

Principal Analyst, ISG

Chris Gaetano 125X125

Chris Gaetano

Technology Editor, Accounting Today (Moderator)

Accelerate Accounts Payable Operations with a new Generation of Low Code/No Code Solutions

In a 2022 study from the Institute of Finance & Management (IOFM), over 75 percent of AP teams reported an increase in invoice volume in the most recent quarter, and 80 percent reported an increase in spending on invoice processing tasks.

Realizing efficiency gains such as straight-through invoice processing empowers finance organizations to optimize allocation of scarce resources. McKinsey reports that best-in-class finance organizations spend 19 percent more time on higher-value strategic activities because they continuously optimize transactional tasks.

ABBYY and Accounting Today explore how your organization can:

  • Accelerate AP process automation with a new generation of low code/no code intelligent document processing solutions
  • Focus on your most valuable suppliers and determine the value of early payment discounts in reducing your costs
  • Proactively monitor the performance of your AP operations

You’ll also get the latest insights on the AP automation market and see how ABBYY customers have achieved superior efficiency improvements, enabling them to improve visibility into cash flow and better allocate working capital.

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