Revolutionize Your Document Processes with No-Code Technology

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Wbr Billgalusha
Wbr Billgalusha

Bill Galusha

Vice President IDP Product Marketing, ABBYY

Wbr Maximevermeir
Wbr Maximevermeir

Maxime Vermeir

Sr Director - Product Ecosystem and Engagement, ABBYY

Wbr Kristen Davis
Wbr Kristen Davis

Kristen Davis

Solutions Marketing Director, Pipefy

Revolutionize Your Document Processes with No-Code Technology

Are you struggling to glean insights from the data locked in the mountain of documents, scattered across your organization? Join us for this webinar exploring ways to add intelligence to your document processing by removing the tedium and errors that are costing significant losses to your business.

Watch the webinar and learn:

  • How to automate 95% of your document processing utilizing trained document skills (AI models)
  • How enterprises are integrating and scaling Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) with leading RPA / workflow automation solutions
  • Use cases and business outcomes you can achieve with a no-code IDP solution


  • What Is No-Code IDP?

  • Benefits
    Top 5 benefits you can achieve with a no code approach to IDP automation

  • How It Works
    Integrated solution showing ABBYY Vantage, a no-code IDP platform, connecting into bots and workflow processes from Blue Prism, UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Alteryx, Pipefy, and more

  • Customer Highlight
    Deep dive discussion to explore how a Pipefy customer has combined IDP and workflow automation to deliver streamlined end-to-end financial processes.

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