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RPA and NLP: New Technology (and New Acronyms!) Solving Old Problems



20 Andrewpery 198X198

Andrew Pery

Process Intelligence Lead, ABBYY

21 Mikesimon 198X198

Michael Simon

Independent Consultant and Attorney

How can robotic process automation (RPA) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies help fight financial crimes and protect your enterprise?

RPA and NLP: New technology (and new acronyms!) solving old problems

The COVID-19 pandemic slowed many businesses. Unfortunately, fraud has not declined. Cybercriminals adapt quickly. They are among the first to adopt new technology. Your institution’s defense strategy needs to move just as fast to stay ahead of them. In this session, we explored how new technologies can help fight financial crimes and protect your enterprise. 

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Included in this recording:

  • How to use RPA with NLP to combat fraud
  • How to create automated workflows in KYC/AML to mitigate new risks imposed by remote business
  • How to respond to change with banker-focused solutions to lead your institution through times of vulnerability

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