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Process Automation in Logistics



Reginald J. Twigg
Reginald J. Twigg

Reginald J. Twigg

Director of Product Marketing, ABBYY

Adhish Luitel

Adhish Luitel

Adhish Luitel, Industry Analyst, ABI Research

Jack Gerstner

Jack Gerstner

Vice President, CTM Operations, Coyote Logistics

Grace Serrano

Grace Serrano

Manager, Data Transformation, GlobalTranz

Streamlining Logistics Operations through Targeted Process Automation: Driving Efficiencies in Your Network

This collaborative Panel Session, hosted by Reuters Events, shares how you can...

  • Overcome the challenge of fluctuating volumes with targeted automation that speeds up document processing for ordering shipments and payments
  • Build an implementable integration strategy that allows you to connect your physical supply chain with your digital supply chain (e.g., invoices)
  • Improve the customer experience and manage your employee workload through automation that drives quick wins in terms of accuracy of data entry

View this compelling discussion and gain insights from known experts.

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