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Take a Digital First Approach to Streamlining Your Law Practice



21 Mikesimon 198X198

Mike Simon

Attorney at Law

23 Alankassan 198X198
23 Alankassan 198X198

Alan Kassan

Senior Partner, Kantor & Kantor

20 Andrewpery 198X198
20 Andrewpery 198X198

Andrew Pery

Digital Intelligence Consultant, ABBYY

22 Nataliaursinyova 198X198
22 Nataliaursinyova 198X198

Natalia Ursinyova

Product Marketing Manager, FineReader, ABBYY


Learn from ABBYY and Alan Kassan, Senior Partner of Kantor & Kantor, one of the most experienced and highly respected law firms dealing with the prosecution of claims against insurance companies in this 45-minute practical exploration of how you can modernize your legal operations by taking a digital-first approach to document processing, review and analysis.

Alan shared his insights to how Kantor & Kantor transformed their tedious and labor-intensive document review processes associated with insurance claim files ranging from 100 to 5,000 pages, thereby enabling the firm to streamline document review cycles and improve evidence gathering processes.

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See how you may digitize, process and manage a wide variety of legal documents, including pleadings, contracts, forms and correspondence and:

  • Mark up and annotate any part of a PDF;
  • Quickly and reliably identify differences between documents across different formats;
  • Forward documents for collaboration and approval with your clients;
  • Permanently and irreversibly redact privileged, confidential, and sensitive information.

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