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Four Drivers Reshaping the Future of Process Optimization

November 15, 2022 | English


Bernhard Schaffrik 198X198
Bernhard Schaffrik 198X198

Bernhard Schaffrik

Principal Analyst, Forrester

Bruce Orcutt 198X198
Bruce Orcutt 198X198

Bruce Orcutt

Senior Vice-President of Product Marketing, ABBYY

Find out why digital processes are top of mind for business leaders

Digital transformation has been sweeping every industry and digital processes are no longer just a "nice to have".

In the last two years alone, digital change has become a priority, largely as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. As work returns to somewhat normal, digital change has proved to be top of mind for business leaders. Fierce competitive forces and new corporate mandates require organizations to improve efficiency, reduce redundancy and ultimately do more with less. This means companies are now investing heavily in the upskilling of their people and investing in the technology that enables transformation for time and cost savings and improved ROI.

Watch this webinar featuring guest speaker Bernhard Schaffrik, principal analyst at Forrester, where we will explore:

  • The changes in the world driving digital adoption and transformation
  • The requirements you need to remain competitive and deliver on your mandates
  • A better way to solve automation problems and the types of technology needed

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