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ABBYY Digital Intelligence Recognized as “Trend-Setting Product of 2020”

September 04, 2020

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ABBYY is honored to be recognized by KMWorld in its “Trend-Setting Product of 2020” listing for its Digital Intelligence Solutions. Since 2006, KMWorld Magazine has recognized ABBYY in its annual “Trend-Setting Products” of the year.

The annual ranking is comprised by editors and staff who evaluate hundreds of companies to identify companies leveraging the most advanced technologies, such as AI, RPA, document capture, and machine learning technology, to improve the flow of information and accelerate business outcomes. It’s not just using “trendy” tech, but who is also forging new markets and reimagining how tech can augment workers’ daily tasks – truly setting trends.

ABBYY’s showing on the annual list shows the evolution of the company and its commitment to innovation. From its roots in OCR, the company’s patented and most advanced OCR products on the market are recognized for their high level of accuracy and range of language recognition by major technology companies, including document capture vendors and scanner and MFP manufacturers. These include Siemens, Fujitsu, Epson, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, RICOH, and Xerox, and many others.

As ABBYY added machine learning and natural language processing capabilities, KMWorld recognized its enterprise Intelligent Document Processing Platform for being able to transform unstructured content into structured so data can be more easily ingested by automation platforms. The company has several relationships with platform providers such as Appian, Pegasystems M-Files, Laserfiche, and SAP, and has become a vital component for fueling intelligent automation.

The emergence of RPA to automate content-centric manual tasks revealed a critical flaw to RPA bots that threatened the success of digital transformation initiatives. They are not “smart” in that they are not able to process unstructured data, which encompasses 90% of enterprise data. To increase the success of RPA projects, ABBYY revolutionized not only how to give bots cognitive skills to make them smarter, but also empowered “citizen developers” to use usually highly technical technology more efficiently. Recognized as a KMWorld Trend-Setting Product of 2019, ABBYY’s Content Intelligence solution leverages technological innovation from more than 400 patents and patent applications and made its content skills more accessible to all.

Today, by integrating advanced process mining capabilities from the merger of TimelinePI in 2019, ABBYY is now focused on helping organizations achieve comprehensive Digital Intelligence by providing a holistic view of their business processes, people, and the information that drives them from a variety of critical perspectives.

It solves another challenge with RPA and other automation projects with ABBYY Process Intelligence, which helps organizations gain a 360-view of process workflows, bottlenecks and identifies processes best suited for optimization based on data and not on opinion, bias, or internal politics. Furthermore, it provides predictive capabilities that can demonstrate the value of automation projects and, when deployed, can predict and alert staff of process variances to preempt problems.

More than 5,000 customers, including many of the Fortune 500, trust ABBYY. Now with Digital Intelligence, they are able to acquire and apply new knowledge and skills related to their people, processes, and technologies. ABBYY Digital Intelligence takes into consideration what, where, when, who, and why of how they conduct business and the impact technology can have on improving performance and operational efficiency.

As we enter a digital era that relies on human-machine collaboration, Digital Intelligence will prove to be crucial to augmenting both software and human intelligence.

We look forward to continuing to forge new trends.

See to the entire list of Trend-Setting Products of 2020 visit KMWorld.

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