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ABBYY Innovation Exemplified with Three SS&C Blue Prism Partner Excellence Awards 2022

June 10, 2022

ABBYY Innovation Exemplified with Three SS&C Blue Prism Partner Excellence Awards 2022

ABBYY was recently recognized at the SS&C Blue Prism Partner Forum 2022 on May 24th with three amazing awards by leading robotic process automation (RPA) vendor Blue Prism. ABBYY was awarded AI & Cloud Innovation Solution of the Year – North America, Technology Alliance Program Premier Partner of the Year – North America, and Technology Alliance Program Premier Partner of the Year – Global. These awards highlight the ecosystem of vendors providing solutions that enable transformative process automation. We are honored to receive this recognition and are proud of our collaboration that is transforming the way people work and businesses operate. We look forward to continuing our collaboration and delivering great value to our mutual customers. 

The awards program showcases expertise and success in delivering Intelligent Automation capabilities that digitally transform how organizations operate, compete, and innovate. One of the largest non-profit healthcare providers in the United States, with operations in 30 hospitals across six states, achieved operational efficiencies in automating the processing and adjudication of nine million incoming claims it receives each year. Our joint solution identified high-value automation opportunities to accelerate the processing and adjudication of incoming claims, resulting in a significant reduction of time-consuming and error-prone tasks.   

Another joint customer, Ameren, a US-based energy company serving over 2.4 million electric and 900,000 natural gas customers, achieved efficiency gains and improved customer service levels by utilizing the combined Blue Prism RPA and ABBYY Intelligent Document Processing solution. Together, we helped Ameren streamline labor-intensive and error-prone finance processes to automate the capture and extraction of customer information from smart meters.

Ameren gained better insight to automation opportunities and implemented artificial intelligence (AI) technologies such as machine learning to increase throughput and employee productivity. To date, Ameren’s Center of Automation has provided more than 50,000 hours of savings to business partners through automation.

“We’ve built a true community of intelligent automation innovators, developers, and creators at Blue Prism. This partner community enables us to deliver the most versatile and successful digital workforces for our enterprise customers, enabling them to improve their customer experience journey. We’re excited to showcase our partners’ achievements,” stated Linda Dotts, Chief Partner Strategy Officer for Blue Prism.

More about the awards:

AI & Cloud Innovation Solution of the Year – North America

This award is for partners who have demonstrated the greatest positive impact to a client’s business through the innovative use of artificial intelligence and/or machine learning. These partners have engaged with their clients, using the Blue Prism platform and AI skills to deliver truly transformative results in the public cloud.

ABBYY was recognized for ABBYY Vantage’s value to Blue Prism Process Intelligence powered by ABBYY Timeline. ABBYY Vantage extends the value of Blue Prism RPA by empowering our mutual customers to streamline document-intensive processes that span across financial services, healthcare, insurance, supply chains, transportation and logistics, and finance and administration.

Technology Alliance Program Premier Partner of the Year

The Technology Alliance Program Premier Partner of the Year Award recognizes the solution from Premier TAP partners who significantly extend the reach of the Blue Prism solution to more customers through more partners. Additionally, this award recognizes the go-to-market partnering efforts undertaken with Blue Prism to launch the partnership, drive awareness of the joint solution to partners and customers, and to address more opportunities together. In short, this award recognizes shining examples that we are truly better together.

Blue Prism Process Intelligence Powered by ABBYY Timeline combines desktop user interaction data with process details mined from system event data and creates detailed models of each process for analysis, optimization, monitoring, and predictive analytics. Customers are able to build an interactive digital twin of processes, analyze them in real time to identify bottlenecks, quickly build automations, then monitor and predict future outcomes to facilitate decision-making, thereby facilitating delivery of automations with unprecedented speed.

Blue Prism Process Intelligence Powered by ABBYY Timeline is an expansion of the companies’ long-time partnership that now delivers a combined offering of best in breed technologies, out of the box. Customers are empowered to accelerate time to automation opportunities, produce process definition documents (PDDs), and implement high-value automation solutions across industries and business processes. Blue Prism combined with ABBYY Intelligent Process Automation solutions enable Blue Prism digital workers to provide a higher value of automation for improved customer experience and business results.

For more information about the ABBYY – Blue Prism partnership, to learn about ABBYY’s Intelligent Process Automation technologies, and to access no-cost connectors, visit or the Blue Prism Digital Exchange.

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