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Digital Transformation Journey with FineReader 15 | ABBYY Blog Post

Digital transformation is becoming a business imperative, making it a top agenda item in almost every company. But where to begin? Easy. The answer lies in content: it’s not only how you use it, but how you acquire it, process and extract business value from insights locked in documents. The ability to edit, convert and work on documents as a team isn't just the first step towards successful digital transformation; it defines the trajectory of the entire journey.

The newly released ABBYY FineReader 15 equips businesses with the ability to capture, edit, search, convert, and collaborate on documents from anywhere within the enterprise. The PDF software ultimately empower employees to work with content faster and easier, enabling organizations to make better decisions and solve business problems without huge investments.

Thanks to the popularity of the PDF format, the revamped application has evolved into a smarter, all-in-one solution that comes with more sophisticated PDF editing tools. According to the American Bar Association, “PDFs have become the standard in the legal and business communities for creating, analyzing, storing and exchanging digital documents, and for filing documents in courts with electronic filing systems.” An ever-increasing number of workers now rely of PDFs for collaboration and workflow support, including the 58% who use PDF forms for electronic comple­tion and return, according to a study by AIIM.

While PDFs remain the biggest driver in reducing the amount of paper used in companies, 81 percent of employees still print at least one document at work every day, according to a survey conducted by M-Files.. The practice of using paper alongside digital documents, often referred to as “paper-light office”, proves that most information workers and companies will not be able to completely eliminate papers from work process soon. To streamline digital document workflow and maximize efficiency, there is need for an easy-to-use application that can instantly migrate both scanned and digitally born PDFs into a unified workflow.

Here are the key capabilities FineReader 15 brings to help achieve maximum efficiency when processing documents in the digital workplace:

  • Ability to edit PDFs: Users should be able to edit documents with ease preferably in the full-text, paragraph-level mode. Text and images need to be edited or rearranged without disrupting original formatting while text re-flows from one line to the next during edit.
  • Ability to compare documents and export the results: Users should be able to export differences detected between two versions of a document as comments in a PDF or as a Word document in Track Changes mode – the two standard collaboration formats. This allows to easily review the changes, accept or reject the edits and finalize the document, just like you are used to doing in Microsoft Word.
  • Ability to convert documents with higher accuracy: Dealing with a corrupted PDF file can be a challenge, especially when trying to extract text or convert such PDF documents into editable formats.The new AI-driven PDF solution accurately detects and handles any form of text layer in digital PDFs. It has the capability of extracting text from PDF form fields and annotations, table conversion and extraction along with other bells and whistles.  

ABBYY FineReader 15 is the latest version of ABBYY FineReader used by thousands of organizations worldwide as the first step towards a successful digital transformation. From individual to organization-wide needs, the all-in-one application makes it easy to streamline document-related processes, extract value from content and increase productivity by using the accessible tools for document capture, conversion and recognition to make their PDFs searchable and editable. Visit FineReader Blog to learn more about latest improvements to FineReader 15.

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Slavena Hristova ABBYY

Slavena Hristova

Director of Product Marketing, Vantage group at ABBYY

Slavena Hristova is Director of Product Marketing, Vantage at ABBYY. Hristova leads the global product marketing of the ABBYY Vantage product line. She manages the complete product lifecycle from market requirement and go-to-market strategy development, to sales enablement and training offerings for channel partners. She has several years of experience in product management and marketing in the areas of text recognition, information and document management.

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