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Information Show 2018: Brazil Signals Increased Interest in Intelligent IT Solutions

September 14, 2018

Key takeaways from Information Show 2018 Congress in Sao Paolo Brazil | ABBYY Blog Post

Ranked as the 9th world’s largest technology market, Brazil has always attracted innovative companies from across the globe.  This year's Information Show 2018 Congress, which was held in São Paulo, attracted more than 700 professionals from many world's leading technology companies. The Congress has been billed as Latin America's largest meeting on Information Management, Documents and Digital Business and was sponsored by world's leading providers of document processing technologies including ABBYY, IBM and Fujitsu to name but a few.

With Content Intelligence (CI) panning out as the leading document automation technology, efficient document management using artificial intelligence (AI) can be challenging. Information Show 2018 Congress was conceived to address the challenges, identify opportunities especially since the protracted economic crisis of the last few years had a significant impact on the IT market and its players as large innovative projects were frozen for an indefinite period. The show also strived to provide perspective on the entire context of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions to make companies  more competitive in the era of data-driven decision-making. It is also an important annual gathering point for IT professionals for sharing industry knowledge, ideas and expertise and for networking.

How to tackle the digital transformation challenge effectively

Business-critical information accumulates as technology advances, putting pressure on businesses to find more efficient way of processing data. A survey by AIIM concludes that the rising tide of information chaos and confusion is creating a demand for new information management practices that extend beyond traditional ECM. However, latest advances in AI and automation is also creating huge opportunities for businesses, Maria Ilicheva, the Regional Manager of ABBYY in Latin America told the Congress attendees. A good example is the new FlexiCapture platform that enables organizations to automatically classify, extract, validate and direct business critical data from written customer communications and operational processes – such as customer claims, applications and transactions, she said.

For ABBYY, Brazil is a top priority market, despite its instability and complexity, presenting a favorable environment for IT business. Brazil was the world's 7th largest IT market before the 2016 the economic crisis resulted in the decrease of the GDP by 3.6% with reductions across all sectors of the economy including IT.  The good news though is that IT sector is expected to post growth of 5.8% this year, according to estimates released by IDC Brazil. This is already a visible evidence that some of the companies which abandoned their IT projects in the wake of the crisis are trickling back. The Government is also encouraging foreign participation in Brazilian ICT companies through the Association for Promotion of the Excellence of the Brazilian Software (Softex) and the Brazilian Agency of Promotion of exports and investments (Apex-Brazil).

Taking responsibility for social progress

As a global leader, ABBYY is actively trying to expand its footprint in the Latin America . In May this year, the company was a participant of the RPA Congress which brought together consultants, industry experts and users to discuss and exchange experiences on the transformation power of RPA. Along with IBM, Fujitsu and other big players, ABBYY was a Diamond Sponsor of the 9th Session of the Information Show that was recently concluded in Brazil.

This is not ABBYY's first foray into the Brazilian market. Earlier, the company implemented a number of significant social projects in the country, including using its technology to curb violence and bullying in Brazilian schools and preserving the country’s 100-year history of weather observation. When psychologist Juliana Guilheri decided to study the phenomenon of violence in the Federal University of São Paulo, she turned to ABBYY FlexiCapture for automating the collection and processing of questionnaire forms and data. The technology not only recognized and captured the necessary data - processing 3000 pages in 5 hours - but also sorted out the documents according to the 4 states where the research participants came from. Another of the company's top-notch solutions - ABBYY FlexiCapture Engine - helped Brazil's National Institute of Meteorology (INMET) achieved its ambitious goal of recording, processing and preserving the country's 100-year history of weather observations and make it publicly available for analyses and forecasts.

By Catherine Egorova, Brand Manager, ABBYY Emerging Markets (3A)

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