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Process Intelligence Bolsters RPA Performance

September 30, 2020

Process Intelligence Bolsters RPA Performance Cover | ABBYY Blog Post

“After you deploy a bot, the reality is you want to know if it’s doing what you thought it would. That’s why we think end-users should be focusing on Process Intelligence.” In an exclusive interview with RPA Today, Scott Opitz, Chief Marketing Officer at ABBYY, reveals how Process Intelligence is helping drive success in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) initiatives and paving the way for integrated, end-to-end enterprise automation.

In discussing the relationship between task mining and process mining, Opitz notes that “the reality is that we are only at the very beginning of anything that even begins to look like enterprise-level process automation... The analysis of the desktop is, ‘what are the tedious steps in a small portion of a process?’ The analysis of the overall process is where the big opportunities are to improve your overall operation."

In addition to process discovery, analysis, and monitoring, one of the most powerful benefits of Process Intelligence is its ability to deliver predictive and prescriptive capabilities that guide the end-user on the best next steps to achieve an ideal process outcome. Opitz shares: “We figured out that we can take all this data we mined out of processes and train a neural network to find subtle influences and combinations that are beyond us as humans to spot in any manual way. By simply loading up that data and training a neural [network] with it, we’re able to do a very good job at predicting very early in a process lifecycle what its end state would be or whether a future action will be performed on time.”

Read the full interview to uncover what truly sets Process Intelligence apart from Process Mining, and for insight into where the automation industry is headed.“C-Suite Spotlight: ABBYY’s Scott Opitz,” via RPA Today.

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