Elena Pospelova

Senior Vice-President, Emerging Markets, General Manager, ABBYY Russia

Elena Pospelova is the leader of the ABBYY 3A office and responsible for business development and sales in more than 140 countries of Asia, Africa, and South America.

Elena joined ABBYY in 2001 as an account manager in charge of sales in the Asian region. In 2005, she headed the Department of International Sales, which later evolved into a separate business unit (ABBYY 3A) under her strong leadership and vision. ABBYY 3A became the fastest-growing business in the company, operating at over 50 percent profitability, thanks to a highly effective sales strategy and deep understanding of local markets. Elena graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1991 (Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics) with a specialization in applied mathematics. After graduation, she worked on UNIX software development projects in Japan for two years. When she returned to Russia, Elena joined the software company SPIRIT, managing Russian-Japanese R&D projects. Starting from 1994, she worked at the Samsung Research Center in Moscow, which was responsible for the search and acquisition of promising software technologies. One of her achievements at that time was a unique technology agreement signed with ABBYY in 1996. Finally, David Yang, the Founder and Board Director of ABBYY, offered her to join his Cybiko project (pocket communication devices for teens) in 1999. Throughout her entire career, Elena has been focusing on building partnerships with technology companies in emerging markets, providing comprehensive solutions to address local needs.

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