Yury Koryukin

Managing Director,
ABBYY Australia and Japan

Yury Koriukin has 20 years of successful sales and management experience in the IT industry. As the Chief Executive Officer of ABBYY Australia, he is responsible for the promotion and sales of ABBYY products in Australia and New Zealand.

He joined ABBYY in 2001 as an account manager. Three years later, Yury headed the Corporate Sales Department at ABBYY Russia and, together with his team, implemented a series of large-scale projects in various market sectors. In 2010, he founded and became the head of the ABBYY office in Australia, quickly turning it into a solid business unit, thanks to his highly competent leadership in the development of business and partner relationships. From 2014-2017, he served as the head of ABBYY Russia as well. Prior to ABBYY, Yury worked for Garant Service (a Russian company developing the GARANT legal information system), where he was promoted from account manager to head of the department, working with large corporate clients. Yury graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University’s Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics.

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