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Enate and ABBYY announce Technology Alliances Partnership (TAP)

September 08, 2020

Enate’s service orchestration platform, together with ABBYY’s Digital Intelligence, allows enterprises to manage a hybrid workforce to deliver end-to-end automation

ABBYY and Enate now offer a technical integration for their platforms to fast-track automation by enabling customers to govern and monitor a hybrid workforce of human and digital workers. The partnership enables customers to deploy more digital workers, faster and with less risk, and make them smarter, all while providing greater operational visibility and optimising performance. For certified reselling partners, the new partnership broadens their portfolio, addressing the RPA market and opens up higher co- and cross-selling potentials.

Enate’s service orchestration platform orchestrates work across a human, digital, or hybrid workforce for simplified end-to-end processes. The integration with ABBYY’s Digital Intelligence Platform allows customers to quickly implement content-driven processes using ABBYY’s Content Intelligence capabilities, offering complete workforce orchestration across human employees and digital workers from multiple vendors.

Enate orchestrates the delivery and management of services across a digital workforce so humans can seamlessly pick up tasks that digital workers fail to complete due to process failures or exceptions. With the ABBYY integration, Enate will flip the task to a human in the case of digital data uncertainty. Enate and ABBYY keep the human in the loop.

The integrated solution helps customers easily connect to ABBYY within Enate’s service orchestrator, using a code-free action type in Enate’s workflow. The ABBYY action allows various operations to be performed, such as passing a PDF file to ABBYY’s Digital Intelligence platform for extraction and then showing the extracted files on Enate work item. During the whole process, humans are kept in the loop, being shown extraction progress and being asked for verification if necessary. As these extracted files are available on Enate work item, they can be passed to downstream technologies such as Blue Prism's digital worker to process further.

Kit Cox, Founder and CEO at Enate said: “We are excited to be expanding the classes of digital worker that can be orchestrated by Enate. Regardless of the service our customers provide, it is almost impossible to escape from document flow. Teaming up Enate and ABBYY will allow our customers to manage end-to-end processes with ABBYY digital workers elegantly classifying and extracting data from documents working alongside their human and RPA colleagues, all orchestrated by Enate. This partnership will allow our mutual customers to automate more while freeing their teams to focus on what they do best.”

Neil Murphy, VP of Global Business Development at ABBYY, stated: “Digital transformation of the workplace is in full swing, with more organisations recognising the benefits of digital workers in augmenting human employees. The human-machine collaboration is not just the future of work. This innovation is the norm for high performing enterprises. But automation can and should be human-centric - through the technology alliance with Enate, we enable organisations to successfully manage their hybrid workforce and deliver added value to the human in the centre by making their robot colleague just smarter.”

About Enate

Enate is a SaaS Service Orchestration platform that manages a workforce of humans and digital workers for simplified end-to-end processes. With Enate, you can plug and play any technology (RPA, AI, cognitive, NLP, machine learning), from any vendor, to get digital fast. The platform enables the delivery of services from multiple locations to local standards while maintaining complete visibility and control (including the automation of KPIs and SLAs), all aligned to detailed reporting of cost and productivity. Enate’s platform deploys within weeks.

Enate was founded by automation industry expert Kit Cox. Customers include TMF, CMS, Mizuho, Utmost Group and Capgemini. Enate was named a Hot Vendor 2019 by HFS Research. The company currently employs 24 people in Cheltenham and a similar number in India, all of whom are working remotely during lockdown. For more information, visit or follow Enate on LinkedIn and Twitter @enateLtd.


ABBYY empowers organizations to gain a complete understanding of their business processes and the content that fuels them with its Digital Intelligence platform. ABBYY technologies are used by more than 5,000 companies, including many of the Fortune 500, and is recognized for its leadership in Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) and Process Discovery & Mining for driving significant impact where it matters most: customer experience, effectiveness, profitability and competitive advantage. ABBYY is a global company with offices in 13 countries. For more information, visit

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