Digital Intelligence

Gaining the valuable, yet often hard to attain, insight into your people, processes, and content that enables true business transformation.

With access to real-time data about exactly how your processes are currently working and the content that fuels them, Digital Intelligence empowers you to make tremendous impact where it matters most: customer experience, competitive advantage, visibility, and compliance.

It’s impossible to improve what you don’t understand

Most organizations have begun the process of digital transformation, but many aren’t seeing the anticipated results. Why is that? Most businesses lack the proper tools to discover and analyze, in the beginning, where automation will provide the most value and therefore end up automating the wrong processes.

For process improvement to truly impact customer experience and profitability, strategies must be based on facts. Today’s modern enterprises are using Digital Intelligence solutions on the front end to identify the highest value opportunities for transformation…and ensure their strategies succeed.

What is Digital Intelligence?


Discover the six building blocks of Digital Intelligence, and how they can impact your digital transformation success.

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Is your organization ready for transformation?

All of your processes play a significant role in the success of your company and your customers. Processes drive engagement with customers externally, and content feeds your internal processes with the necessary insight and context to make decisions. The greater your Digital Intelligence, the more equipped you are to transform your enterprise the right way, and make decisions with great impact on…

  • Quality
  • Speed
  • Visibility
  • Cost
  • Control

What’s your Digital IQ?

Digital IQ test

Take a few moments to assess the Digital IQ of your organization and identify if you are on the digital transformation fast-track or you need to take action now to avoid falling behind the competition.

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Enlighten your operations with a Digital Intelligence platform

Enterprises use ABBYY’s Digital Intelligence platform to accelerate their digital transformations and complement their existing intelligent automation platforms like RPA, BPM, ERP, ECM, EHR, and others.

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Process Intelligence

Provides end-to-end visibility into processes and how they are performing to identify challenges, improve efficiencies, and enhance customer experiences.

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Product Availability 2

Content Intelligence

Enables digital workers to learn how to turn unstructured content into structured, actionable information, deriving more value out of content-centric processes.

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Your Digital Intelligence checklist

  • Visualize and analyze processes end-to-end
  • Identify high-value opportunities for improvement
  • Implement Intelligent Document Processing
  • Measure improvements in real time
  • Monitor and predict future performance

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