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Process Intelligence for Insurance Providers

Meeting the challenges that face claims processing departments today requires a deep understanding of the myriad business processes that are the lifeblood of the operation.

Intelligent process improvement begins with a complete understanding of your processes today

ABBYY Timeline helps you focus on high-value process performance areas to create efficiencies in your operations by reducing or eliminating repeated tasks, wastes, and errors in the process, helping you save money.

For the first time, you gain full visibility into all of your processes–including those where process steps were performed on multiple backend systems (e.g., Majesco, DuckCreek, Guidewire, CSC, Insurity, etc.) to better manage operations and ensure positive business outcomes.

Discover and understand the current process state, identify opportunities for process improvement and monitor compliance.

  • Use predictive analytics to power risk evaluation, risk selection, and underwriting decisions. Protocol and remediation capabilities are helping carriers deliver automated and guided processes designed to drive the optimal business outcomes.
  • Ensure compliance with automated monitoring and remediation while increasing efficiency and productivity by initiating straight-through data processing to achieve greater data accuracy, faster processing, enhanced information accessibility, and reduced processing costs.
  • With end-to-end process simplification and optimization, carriers are improving straight-through processing and reducing billing and collection cycle time. With the ability to monitor and predict, carriers are able to control outcomes through automated remediation.
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Process Intelligence for Insurance Claims Processing


Overcoming the challenges faced by insurance carriers today requires a deeper understanding of the multiple connected steps in the claims cycle. Gain full visibility into all of your processes with ABBYY Timeline.

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