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BPO and Shared Services | Forms Processing deploys ABBYY Digital Intelligence Platform to accelerate voting outcomes for New Zealand’s 2019 Local Council Elections

pathner logo deploys ABBYY Digital Intelligence Platform to accelerate voting outcomes for New Zealand’s 2019 Local Council Elections

BPO/Service Providers | Forms Processing and ABBYY

Customer Overview

Headquarters Christchurch, New Zealand
Industry Election services provider
Web is New Zealand’s leading election services provider, managing elections for the majority of New Zealand’s Local Councils and for some of the country’s highest profile organizations.


Looking for a solution that ensures seamless process flow through various stages, integrates business rules, allows double verification, and captures data on double-sided pages with highest accuracy.


ABBYY’s Intelligent Document Processing platform integrates with Election Management System for highest speed and accuracy.


676k voting papers (color, A3 duplex) processed in a three-week voting period.


  • Existing data capture technology was cumbersome and created blocks in the queue, holding up a highly time sensitive process.
  • Need for a content and process intelligence solution that integrates with an existing Oracle based Election Management System.
  • The solution must ensure seamless process flow through various stages, integrate business rules, allow double verification, and capture data on double-sided pages with the highest level of accuracy.
  • Solution architecture must be able to scale based on influx of voter ballots received by mail each day, sometimes in the tens of thousands.
  • On-site support is needed as insurance against unforeseen scenarios that could threaten processing and timing of election results within a secure vote processing environment with no network connections available to meet stringent vote processing security requirements.


  • ABBYY Intelligent Document Processing platform integrates with the existing Election Management System to create a seamlessly automated processing system that captures voter ballot selections with accuracy and speed.
  • Voter ballots pass through ABBYY's platform and into multiple stages, operating based on built in business rules that verify ballot selections and coordinate with the Quality Assurance team.
  • The ABBYY solution's ability to operate according to applied business rules, such as accurately processing ballot selections, is a gamechanger for a highly time consuming, data sensitive, and outcome centric process.


  • 676,000 voting papers (color, A3 duplex) were processed within a three-week voting period.
  • 94,000 voter applications, or approximately 400,000 papers, were processed in one day via ABBYY’s scalable architecture, passing through double verification.
  • ABBYY Content Intelligence transformed the entire process to be more agile and deliver fail-safe outcomes.
  • Staff overtime is greatly reduced as a result of the speed, accuracy, and customization that makes it possible to dictate the process flow needed, in terms of double verification and voter ballot reconciliation.
  • has the capacity to accommodate more volume and take on more clients while reducing the amount of time the team must spend processing papers, significantly improving the bottom line and ROI.
“The commitment and support we received from ABBYY was outstanding right from the PoC through delivering the final election results to Councils.”
– Steve Kilpatrick, Managing Director,

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