Activate your data

with powerful information extraction technology
that reveals entities, events and relations
across unstructured texts.

Information Extraction SDK to power Smart Process Applications

ABBYY InfoExtractor SDK powers a new generation of Case Management and Smart Processes Applications with comprehensive text analytics by automatically identifying and extracting business-relevant information from your content: entities, facts, events and the relationships between them.

451 Research: ABBYY aims to ride the wave in text analytics and machine learning with Compreno

Nick Patience, 21 March 2016

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ABBYY InfoExtractor - Information Extraction Accurate Information Extraction

Extract the critical information – entities, facts and their properties with a speed and accuracy of a machine, minimizing human-related errors.

ABBYY InfoExtractor - Scaling Applicability to Different Tasks

For vertical solutions, customize the pre-defined ontologies or develop industry-specific ontologies with ABBYY Professional Services.

ABBYY InfoExtractor - Stories Stories Through Facts and Events

Identify stories based on relationships, facts and events through deep, language-based analysis of documents to quickly grasp the whole picture.

ABBYY InfoExtractor - Integration Fast and Easy Integration

Easily integrate InfoExtractor with ECM systems using a simple REST API.

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What's inside?

ABBYY Compreno makes Natural Language Processing technology a commercial reality.  Compreno’s deep text analysis algorithms detect not only words, but also their meanings and the relationships between them within in a text.

This comprehensive technology provides businesses with tools that allow them to understand and make effective use of unstructured information.

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ABBYY InfoExtractor - Compreno

ABBYY InfoExtractor: driving competitive differentiation for your solution

ABBYY InfoExtractor-Contract Management

Contract Management

InfoExtractor’s ability to extract facts and events from contracts can power analytics across documents to give business unit leaders and lawyers the “big picture” of their current obligations and commitments that they need to make high-value decisions.

ABBYY InfoExtractor-Risk Mitigation

Risk Mitigation

InfoExtractor’s intelligent understanding of documents enables highly skilled

professionals to navigate directly to the relevant facts that are critical to the transaction and may indicate potential risk.

ABBYY InfoExtractor - Real Estate Objects Evaluation

Real Estate Object Evaluation

InfoExtractor’s ability to connect facts and events across documents enables real estate scoring services provide more relevant and timely price estimations for their customers.

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InfoExtractor Brochure

Download the product’s datasheet to learn how InfoExtractor automatically reveals entities and facts in unstructured documents, helping companies accelerate business processes and reduce manual effort.

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InfoExtractor Brochure

September 01, 2016,
KMWorld Trend-Setting Product of 2016

KMWorld Magazine, a knowledge management’s leading publisher and information provider, has recognized ABBYY Compreno as one of its Trend-Setting Products of 2016.

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