ABBYY Text Analytics for Contracts

Automatically discover insights from your contracts to accelerate time-to-value.

Content migration

Automatically identify the critical business intelligence that you need to migrate contracts, leases and other critical business documents into Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) or other enterprise repositories of record to drive contract negotiation and optimize decision-making.

Break open information silos

Automatic segmentation and identification of relevant logical sections as well as clauses and facts, supported by easy-to-use interfaces and customized workflows, makes migrating complex business documents a snap:

  • ABBYY’s market leading OCR capabilities, built into ABBYY Text Analytics for Contracts, accurately extracts text from contract images – unlocking the value of critical information within legacy contracts for modern systems.
  • Easy to use review and analysis interfaces and step-by-step workflows relieve the difficulties faced by those who must perform the otherwise daunting task of identifying and retrieving obligation and risk data.
  • Advanced security ensures that access to critical business documents is carefully restricted and controlled.
  • Automatic section identification targets the information needed by attorneys using Contract Lifecycle Management systems or other repositories.
  • ABBYY Text Analytics for Contracts Data Hub provides your teams an overview of contract datasets, and the ability to easily normalize key data points.

Auto-populate your CLM and enterprise systems that drive decisions

Breaking down information silos by itself isn’t enough if it just leaves you with a vast pile of documents. Sectioned documents like contracts and leases have an extremely high correlation with critical business processes, especially those connected to risk and revenue.

  • Leverage the human generated organization of sectioned documents to analyze the information captured within logical, contextual sections, and as a guide for advanced classification and categorization within your CLM.
  • Manually keying in provisions and data your contract collection is a daunting, costly, and error-prone process.
  • Using sections as the contextual basis for taxonomies and micro-ontologies enables accurate and granular identification and extraction.
  • Easily import contract provisions and business intelligence into the right system on time and without breaking the bank.

Align clause libraries, language and terms

The language and terms of contract sections act as templates for contract construction, negotiation or regulatory compliance and must be defined for Contract Lifecycle Management applications to be used as systems of record:

  • Define sections that need to be identified from contracts for inclusion in a clause library.
  • Reviewers can validate section segmentation and identification, at the same time providing for OCR data integrity validation if required.
  • Identify contract clause examples to help standardize templates.
  • ABBYY Text Analytics for Contracts automatically deconstructs each contract into logical sections, and identifies them.
  • Use variance from defined template to select contracts for remediation.

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