Modernize and automate your operations to improve your legal offerings by implementing automated and accurate processing of legal documents.

Specific needs


Processing and management of a wide variety of legal documents including: pleadings, application forms, contracts, benefit enrollment forms, correspondence and more.


Handling large volumes of documents from various industries.


Compliance with legal regulations and discovery requests.


Fast search and access to documents whether they are local or remote.


Long-term archiving of large volumes of documents.


Conducting internal investigations and audits.


Record retention programs.


Operational information management.


Dealing with networks of offices in different countries.

ABBYY solutions


Conversion of scanned paper, images, PDFs to editable documents

Reducing non-billable hours is critical for law firms. ABBYY can help with solutions for dealing with the many types, and large volumes, of legal documents that require processing. Enabling the fast and accurate conversion of paper- or image-based documents into editable formats, they save time, cut costs and increase productivity – enhancing case preparation and e-Discovery, too.


Creation of searchable archives and easy integration with eDRMs

Law firms need to handle high volumes of documents for e-Discovery. ABBYY helps by automating the conversion of documents into searchable digital files – enabling data to be easily accessed and securely stored. Its powerful server-based solution provides centralized processing of high volumes of paper or image-original documents. It delivers unmatched conversion accuracy and enables effortless creation of searchable archives and repositories. Plus, it easily integrates with major Electronic Document and Record Management (eDRM) systems.


Translation of texts and language learning

ABBYY’s accurate and audio-enabled language software solutions enable better communication with international clients and colleagues.


High-volume document, form and invoice processing

Legal firms can realize significant cost savings by eliminating time-consuming pre-sorting and error-prone manual data entry. Now any incoming document can be instantly classified and selectively processed, extracting data for efficient batch processing saving firms time and money.



Search and find pertinent information easily and quickly.


Serve clients better, faster and more efficiently.


Seamless integration with your existing DMS systems.


Reduces costs.

Customer stories

Cricket Legal Technologies offers clients one-stop shopping for all of their eDiscovery technology needs.

Deloitte uses the OCR server solution to make image-only files searchable for eDiscovery and legal forensic analysis.

Moore Blatch enhances customer service and compliance by introducing a digital mailroom solution.

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