Intelligent Text Analytics

Make business applications smart
with intelligent text analytics.

Enable business applications to read and understand human-generated content, thus helping their users make the right decisions, fast.

ABBYY Compreno for knowledge workers

Make Faster Decisions

Automate the analysis of unstructured documents to get intelligence and insights for the right decisions.

ABBYY Compreno for knowledge workers

Increase Information Transparency

Liberate critical data inside unstructured content collections. Empower your knowledge workers with the exact information that they need.

ABBYY Compreno for knowledge workers

Optimize Business Processes

Leverage unstructured information, analyzing more documents at a greater depth and reducing the data entry error rate.

How Intelligent Text Analytics Solutions Streamline Content-Intensive Processes



Facilitate accurate reimbursement of insurance claims by automatically cross-referencing them with patient’s medical records.



Automate customer scoring and enable timely fraud prevention.

Contract Management


Identify and manage company’s commitments across numerous paper and digital contracts and leases.



Extract key facts and events from content such as email, documents, and faxes – to monitor for red flags or misuse.

Solutions Powered by ABBYY® Compreno Technology

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Technologies Inside

ABBYY Compreno makes Natural Language Processing technology a commercial reality. Compreno uses advanced text analysis to extract entities, facts and events accurately, to build stories across documents, and to classify large volumes of unstructured data.

common-check-22x22.pngSemantic analysis driving high accuracy of entities, facts and events extraction

common-check-22x22.pngNatural language understanding to build stories based on entities, facts, and events

common-check-22x22.pngEmpowered with ABBYY OCR for processing scans and images of documents

common-check-22x22.pngDetect the relationship between entities, such as who is the seller or the buyer in a contract

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451 Research: ABBYY Aims to Ride the Wave in Text Analytics and Machine Learning with Compreno

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September 01, 2016,
KMWorld Trend-Setting Product of 2016

KMWorld Magazine, a knowledge management’s leading publisher and information provider, has recognized ABBYY Compreno as one of its Trend-Setting Products of 2016.

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