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Smart Mailroom Automation Solution for Customer Oriented Businesses

Organisations spend enormous time, resources and operational costs on manual pre-processing, sorting and distributing the ever-increasing amount of inbound communication arriving in mailrooms – either as paper documents, faxes or by e-mail. Manual document processing is not only slow and costly, it is also error-prone and lacks the ability to monitor and control the flow of customer communication throughout the organisation.

For large enterprises or Shared Services Centres (SSCs) with high volumes of customer communication or industry-specific peaks of inbound mail through the year, a fully automated input management solution integrated into their corporate systems and workflows has become a competitive advantage and an absolute must-have to meet the challenges of today’s businesses:



ABBYY’s digital mailroom solution replaces time and cost consuming manual work for input-management by digitising, sorting and intelligently routing all incoming mail in one smart software application – no matter if it’s a paper document, fax or e-mail. Information arrives faster at the right case worker and helps to improve business productivity.

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Benefits at a Glance

ABBYY FlexiCapture for Mailrooms helps large enterprises manage "information logistics" by delivering the right information to the right place at the right time. By streamlining the processing of all incoming customer communication in one system they can maximise business efficiency, improve customer responsiveness and speed up decision making cycles.

Organisations that wish to introduce or optimise existing case management systems will find a foundation to build upon in ABBYY’s mailroom solution: the precise classification of documents. By integrating document capture, classification and data extraction software into workflows for individual business cases, customer communication can be processed and responded to according to internal case scenarios and priority rules.


Automated Mailroom Processing


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