Accurate information extraction: entity extraction, facts & events

Accurate entity extraction, detection of facts, their properties and events to identify critical textual elements including persons, organizations, and dates, events such as commercial deals or crimes; and facts like citizenship, employment, family relationships.

Get the critical information with entity extraction at a speed and accuracy of a machine, minimizing human-related errors.

ABBYY InfoExtractor - entities extraction
ABBYY InfoExtractor - facts detection

Detection of relationships between entities and events

InfoExtractor provides not only entity extraction, but reveals relations between entities and events, and then reconstructs the stories in documents by recognizing when an entity has been replaced by a pronoun, or tracing its mentioning throughout text. For example, it can find the deals that link a buyer and a seller and identify the related financial figures or other information.

Scaling and applicability to different tasks

ABBYY InfoExtractor includes a pre-defined set of common entities, facts and events.
For vertical solutions, you can customize entity extraction, extending the pre-defined ontologies or develop industry-specific ontologies with ABBYY Professional Services.

ABBYY InfoExtractor - Scalability
ABBYY InfoExtractor - Integration

Fast and Easy Integration

Simple, REST APIs to make integration of the entity extraction toolkit fast and easy.

Processing documents from a variety of sources

Integrated ABBYY OCR - world-famous Optical Character Recognition technology – enables entity extraction from text regardless of source – either scanned files (tiff, jpeg, etc) or PDF documents.

ABBYY InfoExtractor-Industries

Driving Impact From Unstructured Information Analytics: Adding Structure to Unstructured Content

A technical whitepaper on ABBYY Compreno technology and entity extraction. 

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ABBYY Compreno Technical White Paper
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