Contract Management

Modern-day organizations find themselves subject to hundreds contractual obligations, often interlocking yet rarely understood as a whole. InfoExtractor’s ability to identify facts and events from contracts can power analytics across documents. Business unit leaders and lawyers get the “big picture” of their current obligations that they need to make high-value decisions.

ABBYY InfoExtractor Solutions - Contract Management
ABBYY InfoExtractor Solutions - Compliance

Compliance, Records Management and Information Governance

ABBYY InfoExtractor can extract the key facts and events from content, whether from enterprise data stores, such as ECMs, or captured from incoming content such as email, forms and faxes to monitor for red flags or misuse. Compliance personnel can quickly uncover hidden fact patterns and reveal the overall narrative to understand the scope of issues.

Risk Mitigation

Information-intensive transactions require that attorneys, bankers and risk managers quickly and efficiently analyze and review piles of complex documents. InfoExtractor’s intelligent understanding of data enables highly skilled professionals to navigate directly to the relevant facts that are critical to the transaction and may indicate potential risk.

ABBYY InfoExtractor Solutions - Risk Mitigation
ABBYY InfoExtractor Solutions - Real Estate

Real Estate Object Evaluation

Knowledge workers must make their way through multiple documents, sometimes with conflicting rights and going back decades or more that can apply to a single property or land. InfoExtractor’s ability to connect facts and events across documents enables real estate scoring services provide more relevant and timely price estimations for their customers.

Patient care & Patient Records

Insurance companies must cross-reference patient’s claims and the Provider’s charges with the medical records to confirm that the charges are accurate. ABBYY InfoExtractor enables Provider and Insurance analysts to spot billing errors faster and facilitate accurate reimbursement for insurance claims.

ABBYY Infoextractor Solutions - Patent Care
ABBYY InfoExtractor - Enhance Search

Enhanced Search Capabilities

InfoExtractor enriches document metadata by embedding key facts and events of the content within, which means that it can further leverage these entities to empower advanced faceted search capabilities that dramatically improve the findability of information for time-pressured knowledge professional.

ABBYY Compreno Solutions

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