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ABBYY FineReader Engine lets developers, integrators and BPOs integrate optical text recognition technologies into their applications. Based on the ABBYY recognition platform, this SDK enables scanned documents and images to be transformed into searchable and editable document formats – and delivers award-winning OCR, intelligent character recognition (ICR), barcode, checkmark and field-level/zonal recognition and PDF conversion.


Unmatched Recognition Accuracy

Thousands of companies process more than 9.3 billion pages* from documents and forms annually using ABBYY technologies.

*According to ABBYY’s internal data


Powerful and Simple API

ABBYY FineReader Engine makes starting up fast and easy with its processing profiles. Additionally, its API allows developers to fine tune the engine for processing specific types of documents.


Automatic Document Classification

A new API for automatic document classification enables applications to categorize and sort batches of documents according to predefined document classes.


ABBYY FineReader Engine Helps Blind Readers

To bridge the gap for blind patients, all big hospitals of the Republic of Korea are now using special equipment by HonestVision. It transforms printed documents into speech sound and is built on ABBYY FineReader Engine.


It was a great technological and commercial engagement...

With its new ABBYY OCR capabilities, eggPlant advances beyond "image-based" to become a fully "visual" automation tool. It was a great technological and commercial engagement. We're very happy with the support received from ABBYY. The TestPlant team looks forward to identifying more common ground to collaborate with ABBYY.

Jason Noble, Director of Development, TestPlant
undefined the USA

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