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Quickly accessing information and efficiently preparing and working with documents is key for success in legal organisations. Customer response time, court deadlines and strict compliance regulations in regards to security, archiving and auditing are challenges that need to be addressed. In order to keep up with the fast-paced environment law firms and legal service providers have started to challenge their traditional business and cost models. As a result, they give a higher value to IT solutions that reduce administrative tasks, enhance transparency and remove from the employees’ workload anything that can be automated.

Unlocking Text to Action Information

The vast majority of information in the legal sector is still on paper. Even when digitised, data is ‘locked in images’ – scanned letters, faxed memos, contracts in PDF format or pages photographed with mobile devices and information is still not accessible. In order to turn these documents into usable, searchable information that is easy to retrieve, compare, reuse, translate and analyse, technologies for document conversion, text recognition (OCR), intelligent data capture or text analysis are needed.

Information Access and Reuse in Legal Business Processes

Digital Document Archiving

Create fully searchable digital archives. Streamline digital information access firm-wide, meet compliance regulations for long-term document storage and record retention, save time and costs related to physical archives.

E-Discovery and Case Review

Manage the sheer volumes to be searched through in e-Discovery and case review processes – store documents safely in eDRM systems and quickly retrieve them when needed while preparing for court under tight timelines.

Due Diligence & Auditing

Prepare virtual data rooms for audits and advisory reports by automatically converting financial and corporate documents into data ready for classification, intelligent data extraction and text analytics.

Contract Management

Review, share, comment and compare versions of contracts across formats and automatically extract key data from them for direct import into Contract Management Systems.

Information Governance

Enable automated workflows for compliant data protection, archiving and retention with the help of solutions and applications that can read and understand documents.

Fraud Detection

Access text in documents and understand the information in them to identify indicators and patterns in forensic investigations. Detect fraud and be able to take preventive action.

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Improving client service and reduce administrative over-heads

“Eliminating manual post distribution was essential as we were spending a lot of time distributing and filing documents. The solution has enabled us to reduce our administration over-heads, accelerate the process of document delivery resulting in improved client relationships. We now have a solution that can scale as our company continues to grow.” Paul Walshe, Partner at Moore Blatch

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eDiscovery vastly improved by automated conversion and legal forensic analysis

Deloitte UK uses an OCR server solution to make image-only files searchable for eDiscovery and legal forensic analysis.

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Convert scanned documents and images into text – at high speed and high accuracy

“This was the first time we were using an ABBYY product and FineReader has exceeded all of our expectations.” “It has enabled our department to achieve greater efficiencies in our day to day work, and helps us to better support our internal clients and their suppliers. We have been impressed with the accuracy and reliability of this forwardthinking product.” Tim Connop, Lead IT Project Manager at Eversheds.

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Integrated OCR gives Litigation support firm competitive advantage

Using ABBYY technology, Cricket integrated advance OCR capabilities into their eDiscovery solution, enabling it to automatically convert unsearchable documents into searchable text.

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Are You Developer or Independent Software Vendor for the Legal Sector?

Integrate ABBYY technology via powerful SDKs into your applications for the legal sector. Add new functionality to your software and gain a competitive advantage.

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