Dean Tang

Dean Tang

Director of ABBYY Global Accounts,
ABBYY International HQ

Dean Tang grew up in Taiwan. A veteran in the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) industry, he founded ABBYY USA in 1999 as a fully-owned subsidiary of ABBYY. Earlier, in 1993, he co-founded Micro3, Inc., an e-mail marketing company. Micro3 created a powerful and effective channel for product sell-through (www.micro3.com).

In 1989, Mr. Tang, with K. Bobby Chao, co-founded OCRON Inc., a pioneering OCR and BCR (business card reader) company. He was the key developer of Recore OCR SDK and Perceive Personal OCR software. He also developed the first OCR technology, MORE – Multiple Optical Recognition Engine, which is based on the concept of OCR voting. MORE was voted Imaging Magazine’s 1994 product of the year. In 1996, OCRON was acquired by UMAX, one of the largest high tech conglomerates in Taiwan. After the acquisition, the company was renamed NewSoft and Mr. Tang was in charge of the company’s North American operations. NewSoft went public in Taiwan in 1998 (www.newsoftinc.com).

Between 1983 and 1988, he joined three early stage start-up software companies: Daisy Systems, Atherton Technologies and Athena Software; all were affiliated with the CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) and CASE (Computer Aided Software Engineering) industries. Mr. Tang was the principal developer of the first commercially available Object Oriented Repository for the Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) market. Daisy Systems went public in 1983.

Dean Tang holds a master’s degree in Math and Computer Science from San Jose State University and a bachelor’s degree in Banking and Insurance from Feng Cha University in Taiwan.