Activate your data

with powerful information extraction technology
that reveals entities, events and relations
within your content.

ABBYY InfoExtractor SDK powers a new generation of Case Management and Smart Process  Applications by automatically identifying and extracting business-relevant information from  your content: entities, events, and the relationships between them. Consolidating the  extracted information into facts, ABBYY InfoExtractor uncovers the story lines hidden in  complex documents.

Facts, events, and stories are critical to accelerate and optimize decision-making in  Smart Business Process Applications − such as lease and contract management, virtual deal  rooms, risk analysis, and patient management − where acquiring situational awareness and  quickly assessing risk of a case or transaction can have enormous bottom line results.

Built on ABBYY’s Compreno natural language processing technology, InfoExtractor delivers  comprehensive text analytics. In-depth insight into entities and their properties, facts  and stories enables enterprise customers and software developers to deliver the text-based  intelligence required by the next generation of cognitive computing and Smart Process  Applications to transform operational efficiency, redefine how companies address risk, and  unlock value in critical processes.

What ABBYY InfoExtractor Can Do for You

Explore how ABBYY’s Compreno technology identifies facts, events and stories from  complex documents.

Putting ABBYY InfoExtractor to Work


Asset and Contract Management

Modern-day organizations inevitably find themselves subject to hundreds if not thousands  of contractual obligations, often interlocking yet rarely understood as a whole. Companies  must make their way through a welter of what is usually aging paper to try and comprehend  their current obligations and commitments. InfoExtractor’s ability to identify facts and  events from contracts and leases can power analytics across documents to give business unit  leaders, lawyers and asset and property managers the “big picture” that they need to make  high-value decisions.

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Risk Mitigation

Information-intensive transactions require that attorneys, bankers, risk managers and  other professionals quickly and efficiently analyze and review masses of complex documents. Key terms that could indicate potential risk are often hidden deep within the documents, and often are contextually related or dependent on other terms or even other documents.  InfoExtractor’s intelligent understanding of documents enables highly skilled professionals to navigate directly to the relevant facts that are critical to the transaction.

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Patient Records

Patient care & Patient records

Medical billing is becoming ever more complex. Healthcare insurance companies must cross-reference the charges made by the Provider with the patient’s medical records to  confirm that the charges received are accurate. At the same time, the velocity of patient care is accelerating, putting pressure on doctors to quickly assimilate patients’ histories to be able to make accurate diagnoses.

ABBYY InfoExtractor addresses both these challenges by extracting the key entities, facts and stories from these medical records. Doctors can make informed decisions, faster. And Provider and Insurance analysts can spot billing errors faster to facilitate accurate reimbursement.

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