ABBYY InfoExtractor Brochure

ABBYY InfoExtractor helps businesses to uncover, extract and analyze business intelligence buried in unstructured content. 

InfoExtractor BrochureGrowth in unstructured content puts pressure on knowledge professionals that need to quickly uncover and analyze the rapidly growing amounts of information. Most companies lack resources to manually comb through hundreds of reports, contracts and other content to dig out the necessary information required for taking crucial business decisions.

Manual detection of key entities and facts in multiple documents is not only time-consuming and costly but also leads to potential human errors. InfoExtractor automates the time-consuming and tiresome process of information extraction, accelerating search and retrieval of critical data.

Download our brochure to learn how ABBYY InfoExtractor:

  • accurately reveals entities, facts and events in unstructured content;
  • understands the meaning of words by applying contextual text analysis;
  • detects relationships between entities to build stories across texts.

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