Optimize and improve tedious
review of complex documents.

Unearth valuable facts from unstructured
documents with powerful natural language
processing technology.

Credit and insurance risk mitigation

The challenge

Financial services firms and insurance companies face ever-greater risk of losses and financial crimes due to inadequately-analyzed data – making it more important than ever for them to make better use of any information that can help mitigate risk. Valuable facts can be hidden in a wide variety of sources, requiring employees to manually comb through hundreds of reports, contracts, web sites and other data –  increasing the cost of assessing each case dramatically. Moreover, manual investigation is inherently inaccurate, raising the risk of missing important details.

The value of unstructured content analytics

Content analytics can be applied against a range of customer and public data to gain a deeper understanding of both individuals and businesses. Examples of data sources include:

The ability to efficiently analyse these and other data can help ensure that banks, insurance companies and other financial organizations make sound decisions about current and future customers.

ABBYY InfoExtractor: language-based insight for improving risk mitigation

ABBYY InfoExtractor automatically reveals specific types of information within documents. Eliminating the need for tedious and inaccurate manual searches, it enables underwriters and risk managers to analyse and review complex documents quickly and efficiently.
By extracting entities, events and relationships, ABBYY InfoExtractor reveals all interrelated items and consolidates them into “one story” – providing a complete picture of individuals or companies.

ABBYY InfoExtractor unearths valuable information that includes:

Personal information for individuals:

  • ID number
  • Contact information (phone, address, e-mail)
  • Family and social relationships
  • Employment details: employer, date of employment or retirement
  • Financial details: income, account numbers
  • Property details: price, purchase dates, location, size and other characteristics

Legal information for entities:

  • Property types
  • Employees and their positions
  • Assets and property details: ownership status, cost, location, measuring details, etc.
  • Financial data – purchases, bank accounts, revenues
  • Contact information (phone, address, e-mail), etc.

Plus, many other types of data, which may vary depending on the task.

ABBYY InfoExtractor SDK ensures accurate assessment of a customer’s reliability, by automatically enabling granular analysis of unstructured content and accurate extraction of important facts - reducing time and effort while mitigating the risks of financial loss and crime.

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