ABBYY InfoExtractor provides comprehensive text analytics to provide the “smarts” in Smart Process Applications, optimize business processes, and automate workflows:

Accurately extract entities, events, facts

ABBYY InfoExtractor recognizes and disambiguates critical textual elements like persons, organizations, dates, geographic objects, event extraction reveals speech activities, commercial deals, crimes – or facts like citizenship, employment, family relationships.

Identify relationships between entities and events

InfoExtractor reveals relations between entities and events, and then reconstructs the stories in documents by recognizing when an entity which has been replaced by a pronoun, or tracing its mentioning throughout text. For example, it can find the deals that link a buyer and a seller and identify the related financial figures or other information.

Add customized entities for specific cases

You can create user ontology dictionaries to extract complicated examples of entities that can be critical for business or are to be extracted with certainty (e.g. complex names like Aditya Prasad Kola, or organizations like Mengniu), and add missing concepts within existing entity types.

Use custom ontologies for industry solutions

In addition to basic ontologies that include most common entities and events, industry ontologies for specific industries or processes can also be customized or developed by ABBYY professional linguistic services.

Work with text regardless of source

ABBYY’s world-famous Optical Character Recognition technology (OCR) is integrated into ABBYY InfoExtractor SDK enabling the analysis of scanned files (in tiff, jpeg and other graphic formats) and PDF-documents.

Provide the “smarts” in Smart Business Process Applications

For high-value transactions or life-impacting medical, legal and emergency response decisions knowledge professionals need the right information, in the right task, at the right time – exactly. InfoExtractor identifies and extracts the facts, events and stories from complex documents such as medical records, investigation files and event logs to enable knowledge professionals to accelerate and optimize their decision making. Key capabilities of ABBYY InfoExtractor include:

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Optimize your business processes

InfoExtractor creates operational efficiency by automatically identifying not just information but facts such as dates, money amounts, addresses, technical characteristics necessary to evaluate whether they contain critical data, need verification, or that business rules and processes should apply.

Enhance search capabilities

InfoExtractor enriches document metadata by embedding key facts and events of the content within, which means that it can further leverage these entities to empower advanced faceted search capabilities that dramatically improve the findability of information for time-pressured knowledge professional.

Workflow automation

InfoExtractor enables automatic routing and alerting for incoming documents because it looks beyond the metadata and into the entities within the content which trigger the business rules so that the right information goes to the right person – within the right time for them to use it to make critical business decisions.

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