ABBYY InfoExtractor SDK

Compliance and Information Governance

InfoExtractor can extract the key facts and events from content, whether from enterprise data stores (such as ECMs) or captured from incoming content such as email, forms and faxes to monitor for red flags or misuse. Compliance personnel can quickly uncover hidden fact patterns and reveal the overall narrative to understand the scope of issues. Entities and their properties together with facts can also help drive a governance policy engine for document retention and deletion decisions.

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Risk Mitigation

Information-intensive transactions require that attorneys, bankers, risk managers and other professionals quickly and efficiently analyze and review complex documents. Key terms that could indicate potential risk are often hidden deep within the documents, and sometimes require in-context connection to other terms to uncover. InfoExtractor’s intelligent understanding of documents enables highly skilled professionals to navigate directly to the relevant facts that are critical to the transaction.

Lease Management

Multiple documents, sometimes with conflicting rights and often going back decades or more, can apply to a single property or tract of land. For that reason, commercial lenders, oil and gas companies and others that lease property or rights must make their way through a welter of what is usually aging paper. InfoExtractor’s ability to connect facts and events across documents gives land managers property rights managers the bigger picture understanding that they need.

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Business Process Management

InfoExtractor creates operational efficiency by identifying dates, money amounts, technical characteristics and various other data. Automatic routing and alerting for unstructured documents like customer requests, faxes and forms can be effectively embedded into company’s workflow for higher efficiency of business processes, including faster responses and enhanced customer support.

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Medical billing is becoming ever more complex. Healthcare insurance companies must cross-reference the charges made by the Provider with the patient’s medical records, to make sure that the charges received are accurate. At the same time, the velocity of patient care is accelerating, putting pressure on doctors to quickly assimilate patients’ histories to be able to make accurate diagnoses. ABBYY InfoExtractor addresses both these challenges by extracting the key entities, facts and stories from these medical records. Doctors can make informed decisions, faster. And Provider and Insurance analysts can spot billing errors faster to facilitate accurate reimbursement.

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