ABBYY's OCR SDK for Embedded Systems redefines what's possible for embedded document processing solutions, allowing MFP vendors to make quantum leaps in the solutions they deliver. With it, they can create smarter and more user-friendly devices that can help streamline workflows and boost productivity.

Make smarter and more user-friendly MFPs

Additionally, vendors can give MFPs the ability to anticipate what's needed to complete processing tasks – reducing manual input and enabling jobs to be completed with minimal navigation.

The SDK also provides an opportunity for vendors to embed artificial intelligence into MFPs, paving the way for smarter devices.

With embedded OCR from ABBYY MFPs can:

Workflow example:


Simplify administration

MFPs empowered with new SDK can easily be trained to classify documents, and to automatically repeat scenarios based on document type – without additional middleware or configuration.

Reduce network traffic and save storage space

Mixed Raster Content (MRC) compression technology compresses PDF (PDF/A) files up to 10 times smaller without visible degradation of document quality – saving storage space and reducing network burden.

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Add functionality to low power devices


ABBYY products for MFP integration

For details about integrating ABBYY solutions into your MFPs, please contact ABBYY team