Unique, smart embedded OCR functionality

Along with industry-standard OCR features, ABBYY FineReader Engine 2.0 for Embedded OS offers a unique set of features:

  • Automatic file name generation
  • Document classification
  • Business card recognition

Plus, features from a complete set of recognition, field extraction, and conversion technologies are available on demand.
Manufacturers can now integrate functionality that was once only available for other devices into a single MFP – saving users time and money and creating smarter document processing solutions with no need for external software.

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Best-in-class recognition accuracy and fast results

The SDK is based on ABBYY’s OCR and PDF conversion technologies – which are widely recognized for their unmatched text recognition accuracy and superior conversion quality. It also provides the best accuracy/speed ratio available, and has been proven in the products of leading MFP vendors.
For more information, please see ABBYY’s awards and reviews.

Flexibility, expandability and Ccustomization

Depending on customer requirements, the Engine can be extended with any feature or export format available in ABBYY's core technology sets. This flexibility allows vendors to optimize solutions depending on their needs and to deliver functionality that keeps them ahead of the competition.

This OCR SDK can be enhanced with additional sets of technologies including:

  • Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)
  • Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)
  • Optical Barcode Recognition (OBR)
  • Data capture
  • And others.

For more information about additional features contact ABBYY team.

Low resource requirements

The OCR SDK for Embedded OS is optimized to work with limited computing resources, including little memory and low-power processors. It can be integrated into MFPs and a wide variety of small devices.

Memory requirements:

  • 11-60 MB for library (depending on the included functionality)
  • 0.5-1 MB per language module for each supported recognition language, 16 MB for CJK pattern
  • 0.5-5 MB per dictionary of each supported recognition language (optional).

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Integration with virtually any platform

The SDK is compatible with the most common embedded operating system and CPU types and can easily be modified to support any new platform per customer request.

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