ABBYY Technology for Machine Vision

Teach robotic systems
to read.

Implement text & barcode reading
in machine vision systems.

Adding Text & Barcode Reading to Manufacturing and Quality Control Systems

Large-scale production requires highly scalable assembly processes and detailed quality inspection. Fully automated robotics systems put parts together, guide them through the factory, and assure that quality standards are met. Algorithms relying on visually acquired information use modern Machine Vision and Computer Vision systems, where the combination of an industrial camera and a computer-processing unit simulates the function of human visual control. Machine Vision based robotic systems are able to ‘see’ and make decisions based on the visual input.

Teach Machine Vision Systems to ‘Read’ with ABBYY OCR Technology

By incorporating ABBYY's sophisticated technologies, Machine Vision systems can gain ‘reading’ capabilities. Text based information, for example printed on labels, displayed on control panels of technical products or visible on computer screens, can be captured, interpreted and processed. Barcodes and even hand-printed information or check marks, as on service slips and forms, can also be extracted and used. After the extracted data is processed, for example compared with entries in the database, the robotics system can take the appropriate action. Similarly to humans, the systems can ‘read’ information and subsequently react. With these new capabilities, the robotics systems can conduct a range of completely new tasks.

Examples of Usage:

  • Automated check of packaging information
  • Testing of Infotainment Systems in vehicles
  • Quality Assurance of appliances’ control panels
  • Touch panel and device user interface testing
  • Automated routing of parts during production
  • Automation of service and maintenance processes

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Benefits for Software Developers

Machine Vision
  • Enhanced software functionality with the ability to utilise text information acquired by cameras
  • Increased value of Machine Vision systems due to completely new capabilities
  • Easy implementation of new features into existing Machine Vision applications

Add OCR, ICR or Barcode Recognition to your
Machine Vision Software.

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