ABBYY Technology for Machine Vision

By implementing ABBYY's sophisticated technologies for text recognition (OCR), hand print extraction (ICR), barcode recognition (OBR) and optical mark recognition (OMR), software providers and developers can significantly extend the functionality of Machine Vision systems.

Automated Check of Packaging Information

By applying OCR to photographed labels, packaging or documentation, text contained in them can be extracted and checked against databases. This way, products with wrong information can be automatically revealed. This can be information on the packaging of pharmaceutical goods, labels on beverage bottles as well as information about allergy or expiration dates on food.

Packaging Information
Car infotainment

Testing of Infotainment Systems in Cars

Does the driver receive the appropriate information when selecting individual buttons? By applying text recognition, the functionality of infotainment systems can be automatically tested. For this purpose, a camera is mounted in front of the car’s infotainment system. After activation of each button, a photograph of the displayed information is taken, the text extracted and compared to the database. This way, the very complex system can be tested within a short time.

Learn more how Volkswagen Corporation tests its Infotainment Systems by using ABBYY FineReader Engine ›

Quality Assurance of Appliances’ Control Panels

Domestic appliances, such as washing machines, microwaves or dishwashers contain communication panels that allow the user to operate them. A camera can be mounted in front of such a panel during QA phase and the text information can be extracted and checked to ensure that each interaction step leads to the expected information on the panel.

Quality Assurance
Interface Testing

Touch Panel and Device User Interface Testing

Touch panels and user interfaces in various consumer devices can be automatically tested by simulating the individual steps. During the screening process of the touch-enabled device, the individual areas of the screen are activated by the robotic platform and response messages are captured. The extracted text information are automatically validated by a computer with integrated OCR technology.

Automated Routing of Parts during Production

During the automated production process, individual parts or partially finished products need to be routed to different locations. By integrating ABBYY technologies to robotic systems, they can read information on attached barcodes and make them automatically follow the pre-defined routes.

Pre-defined routes
Automating Processes

Automating Service and Maintenance Processes

Even processes in which human interaction is necessary – such as during service and maintenance tasks – can be significantly accelerated by the help of recognition and data capture technologies. These technologies automatically extract service steps information from scanned paper documents, for example notes and tick box information on repair slips, and make this data available in the central repository.

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