Paper to SharePoint

The Paper to SharePoint solution can be used throughout selected departments in an organisation or as an enterprise-wide solution for inputting all paper-based documents into SharePoint.

Front Office

Scenario Details

All incoming paper documents are scanned at the point of entry, indexed and exported to SharePoint. Documents are distributed to the appropriate departments via Microsoft SharePoint.


  • Reduced manual distribution of documents leads to fast delivery and labour cost saving
  • All documents are archived, can be retrieved per electronic search and used by several colleagues

Human Resources

Scenario Details

HR processes relying on paper documents can be optimised as those are scanned, indexed and stored in HR applications to build-up electronic-based employee records.


  • Simplified recruiting and management processes
  • Easy search for relevant documents
  • Digital files of all employee records available in no time

Legal Departments

Scenario Details

Contract and deed scanning, indexing and storage for easy access and collaboration, but also for electronic availability in case of e-discovery.


  • Availability of all contracts in no time leads to simplified contract management
  • Easy sharing and access to relevant legal documents throughout an organisation

National Park.JPG

ABBYY Helps Unlock the Potential of SharePoint for one National Park Authority

The New Forest National Park Authority (NFNPA) was set up to conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of the Park. For many years, the NFNPA had a document management system (DMS) for its Planning Department, but no proper document archiving mechanism for the rest of the Authority. Recently the decision was made to supply the entire organization with a way to store files digitally for easy search and retrieval.

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