ABBYY Text Analytics for Contracts

Automatically discover insights from your contracts to accelerate time-to-value.

Software as a service

A service that accelerates time-to-deployment, time-to-value.
Leverage the power of ABBYY Text Analytics for Contracts’ powerful micro-service architecture, which integrates ABBYY’s powerful recognition, data capture and natural language processing capabilities, as well as those available from third-parties, to identify and assess sections, clauses and facts from contracts, leases and cognate-sectioned documents.

Modular, extensible, configurable and scalable platform and workflows

"Snap-in" or "snap-out" functionality as needed to create workflows using specific micro-services to meet your specific data processing requirements as well as n-tiered discovery, review and analysis for users.

  • Configure document processing workflows to extract specific sections, clauses, facts, or data.
  • Easily “snap-in” ABBYY’s recognition, classification and natural language processing capabilities, as well as those from third parties, in a flash - to seamlessly power the document processing pipeline.
  • Add in new third-party micro-service functionality as required.
  • Construct multi-tier discovery, analysis and review workflows to support disparate teams, 24/7.
  • Maintain peace-of-mind knowing that ABBYY Text Analytics for Contracts multi-tenant environment is scalable and secure.

Flexible deployment and service options

Available as a subscription or for single use projects, ABBYY Text Analytics for Contracts is designed to alleviate responsibility for the traditional back-end heavy lifting and accelerate your time to value – interacting with the data you require for migration or obligation and risk analysis.

  • Zero infrastructure footprint and business-intuitive user experiences pulverize barriers to adoption and productivity no matter which scenario best fits your needs.
  • Attended and un-attended modes to match your internal resource and contracting needs.
  • On-demand service for enterprises that have an intermittent contract deal-flow.
  • Managed service capabilities allow organizations without sufficient legal, compliance, contracting or procurement capacity to leverage ABBYY’s expert services.
  • Native legacy document along with customer and regulatory clause library and tag set support.

Centralized Data Hub builds in “tools of the trade”

Provides project managers an overview of all documents across tenant projects and datasets for analysis to identify critical documents, normalize data across multiple documents, act on documents and manage workflows.

  • Administrative interfaces for project management, with deep insights into project workflows and status.
  • Edit and normalize data in bulk across sets of documents with a single mouse click.
  • Access to documents and metadata as they are processed.
  • Discovery, review and analysis interfaces for the 3 core use cases: content migration, obligation analysis and compliance.
  • Provides an overview of a dataset, with “slice and dice” features to power preliminary analysis.

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